What to Expect for Your Visit

What-is-a-naturopathic-274x300Initial Naturopathic Consultation:

The initial consultation is a comprehensive health assessment that can last 1 -2 hours.  Dr. Lopes uses this time to understand the patient’s health concerns & goals, as well as obtain a detailed medical history, family history, current medications & supplements, and diet & lifestyle.

Dr. Lopes works with you to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses your personal health goals.  This includes in-office diagnostic procedures and/or appropriate physical examinations. Diagnostic tests and labs may be requested for further evaluation.

Follow Up / Return Visit:

Return visits are usually 30-45 minutes long.  In these visits, you and Dr. Lopes review and assess how you are doing on your current treatment plan and any concerns that may have come since your last visit.  Lab and test results will also be reviewed at this time. After some discussion, Dr. Lopes will make changes to your comprehensive health plan.

Step one is to eliminate the present illness or condition, step two is to bring the body into full balance in order to sustain optimal health and prevent further disease. Our goal is to create a plan that integrates well into the patient’s current lifestyle, so that they are empowered toward better health and lasting change.

Craniosacral Therapy Sessions:

Craniosacral Therapy sessions are typically 45-60 minutes long.  Using light touch, balance, symmetry and movement is assessed at the start of treatment.  Places that are imbalanced, unsymmetrical, or lack movement are focused on in order to reset the body back to homeostasis.

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