Specialty Labs

In order to have the most comprehensive understanding of my patients health, I may order special tests that are run by labs on the mainland.  These include:

Adrenal Testing:  Adrenal testing is very helpful for people who have been under long-term stress and are experiencing stress-related health problems such as sleep disturbance, low energy, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, hypoglycemia, low sex drive, low body temperature, muscle & joint pain, and migraine headaches.  Urinary and saliva testing are both available.

Food Allergies & Sensitivities:  Food allergies are becoming an increasing problem in our society and can have a profound impact on someone’s current state of health or their ability to get well.  All food testing is done by specialty laboratories:  Immuno Labs, Cell Science Systems or CyrexLabs.

Gastrointestinal Health:  The gut can be the source of great health or great illness.  Labs may be ordered to determine gut permeability, dysbiosis, enzyme status or inflammatory state.  This type of testing may be helpful in clarifying treatment methods for patients with GI complaints.

Heavy Metal Testing:  We are exposed to thousands of toxins in our environment and food daily.  When undergoing a cleanse or detox, heavy metal testing will help inform the type of detox that would be best for the patient and to monitor the treatment progress.

Hormone Testing:  This may include an assessment of thyroid, adrenal, estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and Vitamin D status.

Neurotransmitter Testing:  Neurotransmitters are messengers in our bodies that facilitate communication between nerve cells that influence every cell, tissue and system in the body.  Testing for neurotransmitter levels may help uncover underlying imbalances for a wide range of complaints.  Some common complaints addressed with neurotransmitter testing includes sleep difficulties, concurrent adrenal or immune issue, fatigue, low mood, and metabolic imbalances.


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