Relax FIR Sauna

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna is where ancient practices meet 21st century technology.

With the Relax Sauna, you can feel all the benefits of a professional sauna in just 15 minutes.  It’s the unique and patented technology of the Relax Sauna, that uses 20 ceramic semi-conductor chips to create far infrared light.  The efficacy of these ceramic chips allows the sauna to heat up quickly & allows you to begin to generate a sweat in less than 5 minutes, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself “someone who sweats.”

The Relax Sauna is portable, energy efficient, space saving, & health enhancing.  Benefits include:

  • Effectively remove toxins like PCPs, heavy metals, POPs
  • Burn calories
  • Boost metabolism
  • Relax tense muscles
  • Decrease joint stiffness/pain
  • Improve skin
  • Help recovery from pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma
  • Chronic sinusitis

Relax Sauna Booklet

Fir Sauna Benefits & Data 


I’ve had asthma all of my adult life.  It usually gets worse with vog or if I catch a cold from one of my kids.  After suffering with a cold for about 2 weeks, I saw Dr. Chandy, who recommended I try the Relax Sauna.  She recommended I do 30 minutes total with a break after 15 minutes.  After the first 15 minutes I felt my lungs open up and relax ~ I thought I was just imagining it.  But the next day I was amazed because I could definitely breathe and I felt a lot better.  A week later, I still felt cleared from all congestion in my chest.  Thank you Dr. Chandy!!

Wailuku, Hawaii

My shoulder hurts less and I realized this weekend I could sleep on my R shoulder, which I hadn’t been able to since my shoulder surgery. [After 3 days of 15 minutes sauna]

Lahaina, Hawaii

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