Options to Conventional Medicine

Dr Chandy Lopes provides consultations to optimize health and incorporate essential measures for good health and maintenance of wellbeing.

Integrating with Conventional Medicine:

In your Naturopathic consultation Dr. Lopes will spend time with you to identify the underlying cause(s) of your health concerns and develop an individualized plan that’s right for you!  This can include:

  • Weight loss
  • Diet & Lifestyle modification
  • Blood sugar balancing
  • Stress Assessment and Treatment
  • Hormone balancing
  • Gastrointestinal health & healing
  • Nutrient Assessment & Repletion
  • Detoxification
  • Metabolic Optimization

Dr. Lopes’ number one goal is to support each patient in achieving their optimal health by listening to the body and treating the whole person.  Within the conventional medical paradigm, our bodies and natural rhythms have been ignored and mistreated for the sake of productivity and/or convenience.  Part of the healing process will be reconnecting to the natural rhythms of the body and uncovering the underlying cause of the “Dis-Ease.”  Naturopathic medicine is not for the faint of heart, but appeals to those whose hearts are courageous and strong and those who desire to be empowered and shift their current health paradigm.

Children’s Wellness Exams & Physicals:

The best time to begin with prevention of chronic disease starts in childhood.  This includes ensuring appropriate diet & nutrition, exercise, proper height and weight growth, and annual physicals.

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