Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

You can turn on and off genes within 3-6 hours by what you eat, by what you do, by what you think, by how you sleep, how you move, and how you have relationship.  ~Michael Stone, MD

Dr. Lopes approaches all patient care from an understanding that a a strong foundation starts with good nutrition that supports a healthy patient.  Not only do foods determine the destiny of our health but can also influence our mood, brain function, and the choices we make.  By implementing appropriate and patient specific dietary changes Dr. Lopes works with you to co-create positive and permanent diet changes.  This includes incorporating foods that allow for optimum health, including minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, fiber and amino acids.

Through supportive discussion and counseling, including problem solving techniques and stress management methods, Dr. Lopes works to establish simple and manageable lifestyle changes that support and complement any dietary changes.  Patients walk away feeling empowered and ready to implement positive changes in their lifestyle and diet.

Lifestyle counseling may also assist with the following:
Relationship Issues
Self-Image and Self-Love
Life Transitions
Exploring Your Purpose & Passion
Coping with Chronic Health Problems

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